Electronic Data And Payments Technology

We provide a complete alternative banking and payment platform that enables lower cost fees in emerging markets. EDAPT drives financial inclusion with features like secure biometric identification, verification and authentication, electronic virtual wallets, international remittances, agent banking, OFFLINE and ONLINE Real Time Transacting, detection of ghost workers, collecting digital Know Your Customer (KYC) data, digital biometric mobile money, open loop and closed loop card payment scheme integration and more.


We’ve enrolled over 4 million Africans into the world’s financial system by giving them a biometric digital identity using their fingerprints as guaranteed proof of life. Their identity is paired with a digital e-wallet account which can be used in places where there is no connectivity at all. It simply works “under the mango tree”.  Our financial inclusion solution enables last-mile delivery of financial services, taking banking to people in deep rural areas. 

How does EDAPT work?

A secure central data server stores citizen’s KYC data like personal details, fingerprint biometric and location data. The server performs real-time fingerprint matching and searching to detect duplicates. When a user is enrolled (onboarded), their identity is unique and they can never be enrolled more than once. The system acts as a secure transactional data entry and validation system. In addition, the biometric smartcard acts as a citizen’s digital bank account. Once onboarded, every citizen with a biometric smartcard has a Unique Bank Identity Number that incorporates biometric fingerprint identification, authentication and verification. From one single fault-tolerant Stratus bank-grade switch, EDAPT can handle a capacity of 400 financial institutions like (banks, insurers, micro-lenders or simply any organization that wants to get money to people) each of whom can offer digital bank accounts to 16 million individuals, hosted from a total of six traditional bank accounts. Data and transaction processing can be done online or offline in real-time.

Using EDAPT, the financial institutions become the issuers of the smartcards and thus, providers of mobile virtual bank accounts to people. The EDAPT back-end manages interbank switching, settlement and clearing as well as a suite of smart solutions. The system is a combined data and payment management information system (MIS) for financial and non-financial statistical reporting and trending, enabling big data to be analyzed in real time.

Social grants payments

Governments can easily pay social grants and other social benefits to its most vulnerable citizens.

Biometric Digital Identity

When every citizen has a biometric digital identity, it enables them to easily prove their entitlement to benefits as citizens of their country including being able to vote, access public health services, education, financial services and humanitarian crisis relief.

Cashless payments

We help governments and central banks to better monitor money flow in their countries, by replacing ‘money under the mattress’ with digital cash.

Access to financial services

The ecosystem supports multiple financial institutions, governments or private organisations. In this way, citizens can start to access a wide array of financial services like microloans or insurance.

EDAPT use cases:

  • Secure Biometric KYC Registration, Enrolment & Smart Card Issuing and onboarding
  • Payment Distribution Solution for salaries, wages, social grant payment, Agri-grants, loans, student grants and pensions
  • Alternative Banking Application
    • Money Transfers (local) – Person 2 Person (P2P)
    • General, government & corporate SECURE 3rd party bill payments
    • Value Added Services (VAS) including airtime, electricity, DSTV payments, etc.
    • Agricultural loans
    • Micro-financing
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Biometric Web Online Management System (BIOXOMS)
  • Multi Bio Search Engine and Data Matching
  • International INBOUND Remittance
  • Corporate Client Facility
  • E-Government Applications including national identity document (ID), driver’s license, border control documents

The Paycode system offers secure distribution of payments for either offline or online, real-time electronic funds loading and spending, in the form of:

  • A National payments infrastructure
  • Social and refugee grant distribution
  • Donor and grant funding management
  • Electronic Food Grants
  • Subsistence Farmer Yields
  • Ghost worker elimination
  • Agricultural loans
  • Micro-financing
  • Military, Police Salary/Wage payments
  • War Veteran Payments and War Victim Grant Payments
  • Government and Employer Salary/Wage/ Pension Payments
  • International remittances
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) registers and token management systems
  • Card payment infrastructure
  • E-money infrastructure

What makes the Paycode financial service infrastructure different:

  • Makes use of biometric fingerprint technology for identification purposes
  • Facilitates financial inclusion to the unbanked, underbanked and underserved population
  • Enables the fair and reliable implementation of government policy or deployment of foreign aid
  • Facilitates a secure central population database where individual data is validated and accounted for
  • Provides offline and online transaction processing across urban, semi urban, rural and deep rural environments
  • It’s a safe, convenient and affordable way to track payments, capture and store data
  • Facilities a secure “KYC” registration facility that manages client data capturing, biometric fingerprint and facial image capturing and storing
  • Industry-leading payments solution works for anyone, anywhere using custom designed technology in security, biometric identification, verification and authentication, fraud prevention, agent banking, offline real-time transacting, know-your-customer (KYC) and digital money.
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