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Digital Payments for Financial Inclusion

Paycode solves the 3 key issues of identity, cost and connectivity to bring a range of digital services to people in remote and rural areas.

We are a B2B technology provider with a unique digital payments platform, providing Last Mile solutions to the underserved and unbanked.

01 Creating biometric identity

Paycode uses tablet based proprietary technology in the field to capture an individual’s identity, issue a card within minutes. KYC data fields are fully configurable and include biometric fingerprint images, name and surname, date of birth, gender, age, identification number, nationality, physical address, mobile number, facial image and e-wallet details.

02 Last mile financial services

Paycode provides a low cost digital bank account with all necessary functionality for day-to-day transactions. The solution is on average, 87% less than the cost of a traditional bank account, with a fully customizable fee structure.

03 Offline Real-time Transactions

Paycode’s unique payment solution means the cardholder funds are stored on the card rather than at the bank. This is the core enabler of our ability to operate fully offline.


Our innovative technology has been recognised by the world’s leading industry players including Citi, IBM, Mastercard, Microsoft, PWC, the International Monetary Fund, Gemalto, Thales, KPMG and the South African Reserve Bank.

Citi Tech 4 Integrity

Paycode won the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the Citi Tech 4 Integrity Challenge held in Dublin, Ireland in 2017.

Best Innovation Partner Award

Paycode was the winner of the Thales / Gemalto ‘Best Innovation Partner Award’ at the Gemalto Partner Conference in Dubai, UAE in 2019.

Global Fintech Hackcelerator

Paycode was selected as a Top 10 Finalist at the South African Reserve Bank and KPMG Matchi Global Fintech Hackcelerator in Johannesburg South Africa in 2019.


Inclusive Fintech 50 Cohort

Paycode was selected to join the 2020 Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort recognising the Top 50 fintech companies driving financial inclusion.


Mastercard Start Path

Paycode is part of Mastercard’s award-winning startup engagement program, Start Path.


Mondato Awards Winner 2022

The Mondato Awards recognise excellence and innovation in digital finance and fintech.

Solving Financial Inclusion

Paycode’s biometric digital identity

and payments technology works

seamlessly everywhere in the world.

We simplify payments in deep rural areas giving people the ability to transact offline in real time. Our technology supports multiple data types including biometrics, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) data, location data, health data and more. Any financial institution, central bank, government or company can utilise our technology to enhance their own systems, or add innovative solutions to existing products and services. As specialists in last mile delivery and proof of life solutions we believe we can significantly impact financial inclusion in Africa by giving biometric digital identity and low cost access to basic financial services to the unbanked and underserved.