Paycode is the leader in providing digital financial services infrastructure. We partner with our customers to create world-class technology solutions. Our team of over 30 specialist developers are experts at customising our biometric identity and payment solutions that integrate with our partner hardware suppliers.
Through our technology, Paycode provides solutions that enable national payments infrastructure, social grant distribution, donor and grant funding management, ghost worker elimination, international remittances, card payment infrastructure, e-money infrastructure, KYC registers and token management systems.
To date, our financial inclusion technology solutions have enrolled almost 3 million people into the world’s financial system.

Paycode technology powers the Ghana Interbank Payments and Settlement Systems company.

About Us

Paycode started in July 2014 as a payments technology company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The investors recognized the opportunity for Paycode’s world-class technology to deliver financial inclusion in emerging markets.

Paycode provides a secure end-to-end payment gateway that makes sending and receiving payments easy.

It’s a safe, convenient and affordable way to track payments, and capture and store data.

Our industry-leading payments solution works for anyone, anywhere using our custom-designed technology in security, biometric identification, verification and authentication, fraud prevention, agent banking, offline real-time transacting, know-your-customer (KYC) and digital money.


The Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) supports economic development in post-conflict countries and in nations transitioning to democracy. They promote economic opportunities and access to information, products and services for underserved populations. They invest in sustainable businesses or initiatives that strive to alleviate poverty by creating jobs and revitalizing deteriorating communities. SEDF is a nonprofit private foundation that is part of the Open Society Foundations, a network of charitable foundations created by investor and philanthropist George Soros.  Established in 1997, SEDF has over $300 million in investment capital and employs 15 people in New York, London, Freetown and Johannesburg.

Leadership Team

Gabriel Ruhan


Gabe leads the Paycode executive team and is responsible for driving the company towards its goal of providing solutions for financial inclusion to emerging markets.

Gillian Gunn


Gillian is a Chartered Accountant (UK, ICAEW). She leads the Paycode finance team and is responsible for all aspects of finance within Paycode.

Ralph Pecker


Ralph runs the Paycode sales team, is the lead contact for our high-profile customers and responsible for business development.

Mirza Pillay

Account Management

Mirza is responsible for maintaining and growing our customer base, focusing on strategy and execution in emerging markets where our world-class payments technology solution is deployed.

Ayanda Luthuli


Ayanda heads up our software development team, leading the development of our world-class financial inclusion technology solutions.

Contact Details

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